Tips For Buying Your Best Lingerie

  • Posted on May 4, 2015 at 2:25 am


When it comes to guides for choosing lingerie, there tends to be a great deal of focus on how to gear a bedroom outfit toward pleasing a man. In a lot of cases, this is a perfectly reasonable approach. Everyone in a relationship wants to look his or her best for a partner, and by that logic there’s no problem with targeting your lingerie choices toward a man. But the fact is, not all men are the same. There are a lot of articles out there, like Your Tango’s guide called “5 Tips For Choosing Lingerie That Men Love,” that make a lot of generalizations and assumptions. But because not all men are the same—and because the most important thing is to choose options that you yourself will feel comfortable, sexy and confident in—we prefer to approach the topic from a more personal standpoint.

That is, how can you go about making sure you find the best lingerie for you? Here are a few tips to think about the next time you’re out shopping.

One of the common tips you’ll find reading about this topic is to identify and complement your body shape. The danger here is putting yourself in a category too quickly, when the reality may be that your body isn’t necessarily 100 percent “petite,” or “pear-shaped,” or whatever it may be. Keep in mind that these are made-up terms used to characterize body types. If you do have a general idea for how you would classify your body, however, there are some handy guides out there that can help you to keep your shopping fairly simple. For example, the Jessica Jia fashion blog has a very comprehensive guide with lingerie suggestions for various common body types. If you want to be straightforward about your selections, this type of guide can be a great starting point.


If you want to be a little bit more precise, however, She Knows makes a good point that beyond identifying body type, it’s also a good idea to decide which aspects of your body you’d most like to show off. It’s perfectly ordinary to have a favorite feature (or, as mentioned, to want to emphasize something in particular to a partner), and selective highlighting can in some cases be even more helpful than simply classifying a body type when choosing lingerie. You may prefer something slimming, something emphasizing your bust, something that looks particularly innocent or that’s a particular tease, etc. It’s all about whatever makes you feel sexiest and most comfortable!

Once you make your own determinations—what body type you may have, your own preferences, etc.—it’s then important to take advantage of any expert tools or opinions that might be available in sizing and selection. Adam & Eve’s lingerie guide supplies some such tools, such as a ready-made sizing chart to help translate measurement inches to listed sizes, as well as information on different fabrics and materials. Resources like these can be helpful in finding the right selections for you regardless of where you end up buying your clothing. Also, as they come directly from the people making the lingerie, they’re generally accurate and trustworthy.

But perhaps most important of all, once you’ve decided on your preferences and determined your sizing, is to simply try on what you like! This may lead to spending some time in the stores, or even ordering online where you have the option to return some selections. Generally, there is so much variety in lingerie that we can be tricked into thinking we have to choose a certain style, or a certain color, as we shop. But a better way of looking at it is that this variety is inviting us to sift through options to find the perfect fit, so to speak. More often than not, finding the right lingerie for you is just about trying enough options. And the truth is, you’ll probably have fun doing it!


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